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Current Issues

There are a number of issues that are currently particularly ‘active’ within the parish. These include:


Ightham Residents living along the Busty Stream set up a Flood Forum Group following the flooding in June 2016. The Parish Council have recently received a grant to increase the size of the culvert at the bridge on the Borough Green Road and several residents received a grant for flood defense measures. The Parish Council is working with the Group to update the Emergency Plan.

Kent County Council (KCC) has launched a consultation on the draft of its latest Local Flood Risk Management Strategy (Local Strategy). The Local Strategy sets out how KCC and our partners will work together to manage local flood risk (flooding from surface water, groundwater and ordinary watercourses).

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Traffic Calming

As village residents will know, the Parish Council have commissioned a traffic consultant to advise on village-wide traffic issues, namely road speeds throughout the village. The aim is to make the entire village a 30 mph, with specific areas such as Oldbury Lane around Ightham School, a 20 mph zone. Efforts are also being made to address specific areas of concern such as speeding traffic on Borough Green Road, The Street, Fen Pond Road and Bates Hill and we have contacted the Police to ask them to monitor the speeds. We have now received the report and the next stage is to lobby Kent Highways and the Joint Transportation Board at TMBC to set up the speed calming measures that have been recommended by the consultant.

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2019 Campaign –

Vision and Mission – To bring cleaner air to west Kent and a safer community for people to live in. Working with Government, KCC, Local Authorities and Councils to improve our quality of life via the re-instatement of the missing Sevenoaks slip roads in the vicinity of J5 M25. Follow and sign up support to the 2018 community campaign via our website and help West Kent Grow without Gridlock with cleaner air.

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Poor broadband speeds

Broadband is as important to modern day life as electricity. We rely on it for so much of our lives, both work and entertainment.

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