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Planning applications

The Parish Council plays an active part in all local planning issues. The Parish Council is a consultee and any comments must relate to planning issues, rules and policies. Planning permission is usually granted if the application complies with policies of central and local government. Typically, reasons for objection would be the site’s planning history, the size of the development, the development envelope of the settlement, infrastructure and accessibility including rights of way.

It is probably the area of the Council’s role that is best known to the community and which can be of the most importance.

To view the planning applications that the Parish Council will comment on please see the agendas of the future council meetings.

To view the decisions of the Parish Council please see the minutes section of the council meetings. Please be aware that the minutes will not be posted online until they have been agreed by the committee at the following meeting.

All planning applications for Ightham can be viewed on the Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council web site on the Public Access website.

Select a status of Current or Decided and enter Ightham in the keyword box to show the applications.

Planning Applications

TM/19/02433/FL – 7 Walker Place, Ightham, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 9AW. Erection of single storeyrear extension with amendments to existing rear fenestrations. “Ightham Parish Council objects to planning application TM/19/02433/FL on the grounds of the scale of the extension in relation to the plot and the impact on the neighbouring properties.”

TM/19/02415/TNCA – The Old Forge, Sevenoaks Road, Ightham, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 9AA. Reduce height and width of all Leyland Cypress trees in rear garden (on eastern and western boundaries) by approximately 40% cut back Hazels and Elders around tennis court, remove small Cherry tree on upper lawn of rear garden to allow for re-turfing and planting of laurel hedge along eastern boundary and reduce crown of large willow in front garden by approximately 40%. “No objection providing Liz Guthrie is content.”

Planning Decisions – Approved

19/02417/NMA – Non Material Amendment to planning permission TM/19/01852/FL: relocate utility room door through a rear corridor – Old Orchard, Ismays Road Ightham.

19/02344/TNCA – T1 Hawthorn to crown reduce whole crown by approximately 8 feet; T2 Hazels x4 to coppice at 4 feet; T5 Holly crown reduce whole crown to 4 feet; T7 Hazel reduce to 6-8 feet, retaining the shed screening; T8 Beech to trim to match Cherry adjacent; T9 Cherry to reduce rear top shoots to neaten; T11 Sycamore Sapling to cut back to boundary; and T12 Small Sycamore Sapling to fell to near ground level – 10 Oldbury Close, Ightham.

19/02350/TNCA – T 1 & T 2 Sweet Chestnuts- Coppice these trees as they have been losing limbs and are now becoming a risk as they overhang the highway and T3 Sweet Chestnut – Coppice as part of tree management – Copthall, Ismays Road, Ightham.

19/02087/FL – Construction of new house already granted permission with minor amendment to the separate Car Port/Stable block to convert the stable section to a single car garage. Amendment to TM/18/01166/FL: Demolition of existing house and erection of a replacement dwelling with detached car port and stable. Change of use of agricultural land to residential use– Pinewood, Pine Tree Lane.

19/02227/TNCA – Works to open the drive and garden to more light. There is heavy moss build up on the drive. G1 10 foot strip of Laurels, along drive edge & Yew & Hazel – Reduce to 8 feet, keeping level. T1 Oak Sappling – Fell to near ground level. T2 Sycamore, to left of T1 – Remove one low branch over lawn. T2 Sycamore, right of T1 – Remove four lowest branches over lawn. T3 Hazel – Remove one branch over drive. Cut back Hazel stems extending over lane. – Longcroft Oldbury Lane.

19/02139/FL – Single storey rear extension – 31 Nutfields, Ightham.

19/02216/TPOC – T1 Oak – Crown reduce upper crown by approximately 1.5m into line with crown of tree to the left. T2 Pine – Crown lift one low limb by approximately 1-1.5m to allow more light underneath. Work is to allow more light to the house and garden and prevent the trees getting too large – 1 Nutfields, Ightham.

19/02169/RD – of condition 5 (water drainage) and 9 (footpaths) pursuant to planning permission TM/16/02720/FL (Demolition of existing sports changing pavilion and construction of new single storey scout and football changing pavilion) – Ightham Scout Pavilion, Sevenoaks Road Ightham.

19/02156/TPOC – G1 Group of three Oak trees in the woodland edge behind No. 7 – cut back the tree on the left by up to 3m, cut back the middle tree by up to 3m and cut back the smaller tree by up to 2m. On all three trees, lateral reduction only, no reduction in height. T1 Silver Birch – reduce crown back to previous reduction point to facilitate the management of the crown by maintaining size, shape and form, T2 Small Silver Birch (poor codominant form) – Fell, T3 and T4 Beech x 2 – Reduce lateral spread over the garden of No. 7 by approx 2.5m and clear from the garage to give a clearance of approx 2m – 7 Nutfields, Ightham, Sevenoaks.

Full Council Planning Decision – Woodford Old Lane 18/01240/FL – Section 73 application for the variation of conditions 1 (time limited and personal condition), 2 (restore site when temporary consent expires) and 4 (number of caravans) pursuant to planning permission TM/11/01444/FL (Variation of conditions 1 and 2 on TM/07/01238/FL: Change of use for stationing of two caravans for residential use, fencing and sheds for occupation by a single traveller family) –  Woodford Old Lane. Permanent permission Approved.

Cllr Emmett said that this decision set a worrying precedent for other sections of the community in metropolitan green belt. Cllr Betts said that he did his best to give a case for an amendment to the application to make it a temporary permission by a single family which he thought was reasonable but the advice from the Borough Solicitor was that such a decision would have been open to appeal by the applicant. Cllr Rayner said that damages would only awarded if a loss could be  demonstrated. Cllr Mitchem reported that the decision came down to unmet need and that we needed to keep pressure on the Director of Planning to ensure that land is earmarked for travellers.

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