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Planning applications

The Parish Council plays an active part in all local planning issues. The Parish Council is a consultee and any comments must relate to planning issues, rules and policies. Planning permission is usually granted if the application complies with policies of central and local government. Typically, reasons for objection would be the site’s planning history, the size of the development, the development envelope of the settlement, infrastructure and accessibility including rights of way.

It is probably the area of the Council’s role that is best known to the community and which can be of the most importance.

To view the planning applications that the Parish Council will comment on please see the agendas of the future council meetings.

To view the decisions of the Parish Council please see the minutes section of the council meetings. Please be aware that the minutes will not be posted online until they have been agreed by the committee at the following meeting.

All planning applications for Ightham can be viewed on the Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council web site on the Public Access website. Select a status of Current or Decided and enter Ightham in the keyword box to show the applications.

Planning Applications

TM/21/00056/RD – Barnfield Cottage, Stone Street Road, Ivy Hatch, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 0NH.
Details of condition 2 (external materials), 10 (bat and badger surveys) and 11 (roof light) submitted pursuant to planning permission TM/17/01268/FL (Part demolition and works for the conversion of the existing riding arena building as a dwelling with removal of sand school and associated external alterations to the building, engineering works, access, parking, landscaping and ecological enhancement works (Resubmission of TM/16/00776/FL).
No comment.

TM/21/00078/LDP – 5 Chapel View Chapel Row, Ightham, Sevenoaks, Kent ,TN15 9AQ.
Lawful Development Certificate Proposed: erection of an outbuilding in the rear garden to be used for recreational use which is ancillary to the main dwelling house. Garden maintenance storage, children’s play room, family leisure. The proposed building is a timber framed, flat roofed and timber clad building at the rear of the garden. The building has a total height of 2.5 metres. The total area of the building does not exceed 50% of the total area of the land around the dwelling house. The building will sit on a 100mm thick reinforced concrete slab.
No comment.

TM/21/00079/FL – Felgarth, Coach Road, Ivy Hatch, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 0HD.
Proposed two storey side and rear extension with raised roofline, two storey front porch atrium, roof and internal alterations, garden patio alterations and garden outbuilding.
“No objection”

TM/21/00083/FL – Brackenwood, Pine Tree Lane, Ivy Hatch, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 0NJ.
Conversion of existing residential outbuilding to provide a single dwelling, including access, landscaping and parking.
“Objection on grounds of harm to openness of greenbelt and inappropriate development in greenbelt.”

TM/21/00120/FL – Ragstones, Mill Lane, Ightham, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 9BH. Demolition of existing bungalow, garage and outbuildings and erection of a replacement dwelling and garage.
“No objection.”

TM/21/00324/TPOC – The Copse, Common Road, Ightham, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 9DY.
Beech T1 – Crown reduce to previous pruning points, T2 Oak x3 – Crown reduce height by approximately 3m and sides to balance and remove suckers up to approximately 20 feet.
“No objection providing work is done sympathetically”.

TM/21/00356/LDE – 1 New Cottages, Ismays Road, Ivy Hatch, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 0NX.
Lawful Development Certificate Existing: Change an area of land adjacent to my property from agricultural to residential garden use, it has been used as garden for thirty years.
“No comment. However Cllr Willingham will speak to the owner”.


20/02974/TNCA – Yew Tree Cottage, Trycewell Lane – Reduce crown T1 Yew Tree, removing 25% of foliage and shape remaining crown.

20/02875/NMA – Fir Bank, Coach Road – Non Material Amendment to planning permission TM/20/01747/FL: Creation of level area of lawn to the west of first floor terrace, change layout of yard to the north of the house and minor adjustments to driveway layout.

20/02776/FL – 9 Common Road – Single storey side and rear extension.

20/02728/FL – Longcroft Lodge, Oldbury Lane – Variation of conditions 2 (materials), 3 (approved plans), 9 (access road) and 11 (stable building) pursuant to planning permission TM/20/01604/FL (Erection of 2 no. four bedroom houses, installation of an access road and demolition of stable block /outbuilding in woodland area to the rear (as an alternative scheme to that approved under TM/18/00668/FL).

20/02898/TNCA – Oldbury House, Oldbury Lane – Removal of 10 Cobnut trees; Norwegian Fir and Blue Spruce trees to be felled and replant the area with fruit trees.

20/02764/FL – The Old Rectory, Rectory Lane – Removal of conservatory and restoration of facade with two new windows. Construction of single storey orangery, detached garage and internal modifications which include two new dormer windows.

20/02762/FL – Old Rectory Cottage, Rectory Lane – Subdivision of the plot to separate Old Rectory Cottage from The Old Rectory. Construction of a new single storey orangery, internal modifications to create four bedroom dwelling including removal of one chimney and hipped dormer, the addition of five new dormers, three conservation roof lights and alterations to the fenestration.

20/02703/RD – Longcroft Lodge, Oldbury Lane. Details of Condition 4 (landscaping) and Condition 11 (arboricultural report) submitted pursuant to planning permission TM/20/01604/FL (Erection of 2 no. four bedroom houses, installation of an access road and demolition of stable block /outbuilding in woodland area to the rear).

20/02650/FL – Barnmead, Styants Bottom Road – Proposed flat roof single storey side extension.

20/02670/FL – Hope Farm, Sandy Lane, Replacement of existing garden storage/garaging detached outbuilding and hard-standing with oak framed garden storage/garaging/pool/home office detached outbuilding.

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