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Planning applications

The Parish Council plays an active part in all local planning issues. The Parish Council is a consultee and any comments must relate to planning issues, rules and policies. Planning permission is usually granted if the application complies with policies of central and local government. Typically, reasons for objection would be the site’s planning history, the size of the development, the development envelope of the settlement, infrastructure and accessibility including rights of way.

It is probably the area of the Council’s role that is best known to the community and which can be of the most importance.

To view the planning applications that the Parish Council will comment on please see the agendas of the future council meetings.

To view the decisions of the Parish Council please see the minutes section of the council meetings. Please be aware that the minutes will not be posted online until they have been agreed by the committee at the following meeting.

All planning applications for Ightham can be viewed on the Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council web site on the Public Access website. Select a status of Current or Decided and enter Ightham in the keyword box to show the applications.

Planning Applications

TM/20/00788/TNCA – 3 Oldbury Close, Ightham, Sevenoaks, Kent,TN15 9DJ. Bay leaf tree to front of property reduce by 50%. “No objection.”

TM/20/00690/FL – Bramble Down House, Ismays Road, Ivy Hatch, Sevenoaks, Kent,TN15 0PA. Demolition of existing detached garage and construction of new detached garage and associated driveway, removal of existing front porch and construction of new utility room and extension of entrance hall with porch. “No objection, we would like to see the garage scaled back”.

TM/20/00853/FL – Dalkeith Sandy Lane, Ivy Hatch, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 0PB. Rear single storey extensions, replaced and extended porch, new dormer window, new rooflights to rear and one to front, removal of tile hanging and replacement with render, timber cladding to first floor rear elevation, minor landscaping works including nominal raise of patio level, Pergola frames (not attached to building), sunken external seating area and detached outbuilding. “No objection but we wouldn’t expect to see any further development of this property.”

TM/20/00866/FL – Mulberry Hill, Rectory Lane, Ightham, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 9AJ. Internal alterations, single storey extension and works to the existing boot room to the south west corner. Alterations to the existing driveway and introduction of new terraced landscaping.”No objection.”

TM/20/00952/FL – 51 Nutfields, Ightham, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 9EA. Rear single storey extension and front porch extension. “No objection.”

TM/20/00983/FL – Old Tiles, Stone Street Road, Ivy Hatch, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 0PQ. Proposed in-ground swimming pool. “No objection but we would like a condition to see a sustainable heating source.”

TM/20/00957/FL – Longcroft Lodge, Oldbury Lane, Ightham, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 9DE. Erection of 2 no. four bedroom houses (as an alternative scheme to that approved under TM/18/00668/FL). The Parish Council has received a number of comments and objections in relation this application. This is an alteration to the size and layout of the houses and to the entrance. It was noted that a tarmac drive had been laid already which had a different trajectory and was wider than what was agreed in the previous application. A lot of the trees have already been removed. The Clerk was asked to report this to Enforcement.

A member of public raised concerns about the application as in the original application the stables were to be demolished. These have now been excluded from the plot yet the proposed houses take the demolition of the stables into account for the increase in footprint. If the stables aren’t demolished then the footprint of the houses should be reduced accordingly. In addition, they object to the latest plans in that they diverge from the existing building line which has been extended by 4m at the rear of the plot impeding on the neighbouring property.

Cllr Rayner said that the point made by the member of public was fair and reasonable however even if consent wouldn’t be granted the planning authority on planning terms it would probably accept the application if the 5 year supply of housing couldn’t be met by the Borough.

Cllrs Burgham and Mitchem said that if the current conditions aren’t being adhered to then it should be a matter for enforcement.

Cllr Cracknell said that any consent should be conditional on using sustainable/ renewable resources and that she was concerned by the visibility of the properties from the road side in relation to the street scene in Oldbury Lane and the landscaping being adhered to ensure screening. Would the stables be used as the basis for a further application?

Cllr Willingham said that Liz Guthrie would be involved in enforcement of the trees. Another member of public said that he was concerned about further development on the land to the rear of the properties and the tarmac and apparent widening of the track indicated that this is the intention. He asked whether there was anything that could be done to protect the land? Cllr Rayner said that the options were an application for an Article 4 Direction or request for TPO’s on the trees to the rear. An Article 4 Direction is obtained by application to TMBC but must demonstrate that it is favourable to public policy and you need to demonstrate that harm would occur if an Article 4 Direction was not obtained. Cllr Rayner suggested that we seek guidance from Shipbourne Parish Council who have some experience in this area.

Ightham Parish expressed concern about overdevelopment in 2018, we cannot see any justification for a larger 4.8m track and the setting should have been suitably preserved under planning consent in 2018 and hasn’t been, numerous trees that should have been preserved have disappeared. Some of this land falls within the conservation area.

It was agreed that we should object to the application on the basis of over development and that the conditions in the 2018 application haven’t been adhered to. The over development point is by reference to the demolition of the stables being taken out of the new application therefore the footprint of the houses should be reduced in size accordingly. We object to the shape and width tarmac drive which has already been laid as it is not in keeping with the character and distinct setting of the area.

We would also like to see a detailed landscaping plan as some of the vegetation and trees have been removed contrary to the conditions in the 2018 application and the landscaping should conform to the street scene in Oldbury Lane. We should also report the track and removal of trees to TMBC Planning Enforcement and check the status of the footpath with PROW to see whether the final approval for it to be moved was granted. We have concerns about the surfacing of the track and purposes for which it is intended.

Planning Decisions – Approved

Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2013-30 – Plan deemed compliant and sound – proposed sites: Extension to Stonecastle Farm Quarry, Hadlow, Land at Moat Farm, Five Oak Green, Chapel Farm (West), Lenham.

TM/20/00573/RD – Longcroft Lodge, Oldbury Lane – Details of condition 2 (materials) pursuant to planning permission TM/18/00668/FL (Demolition of existing bungalow, garage, stables, greenhouse and out buildings and the erection of 2 no. four bedroom houses and detached garages).

TM/20/00517/RD – Cricketts Farm, Borough Green Road – Details of condition 6 (mechanical air extraction/ventilation system) submitted pursuant to planning permission TM/16/00933/FL (Conversion and extension to Barn 6 to part use as self-contained restaurant/cafe (A3) and part office (B1); erection of Barn 3 abutting Barn 2 as part additional self-contained Gym (D2) and part office (B1); New sub-station, and bin store to rear of Barn 4 (amendment to planning TM/14/00182/FL).

TM/20/00553/FL – Old Stables, Sandy Lane – Installation of Velux windows to the rear and pitched dormers to the front of existing second floor to provide 2 additional bedrooms.

LOCAL PLAN – Borough Green Gardens Update – Update – Following a Government Update, The Planning Inspectorate is expected to run virtual examinations so it is possible that hearings will take place this summer.

LEGAL OPINION – Judicial Review – Update. Court hearing date scheduled for June 9th & 10th and will be remote. The TMBC decision on another Traveller site at Askew Bridge was circulated prior to the meeting and Councillors expressed disbelief about the opposite approach that TMBC had taken.

Area 2 Planning Committee – Ightham Mote – The Ightham Mote car park application will be determined at this Committee on Wednesday 27th May 2020 at 7.30pm via Microsoft Teams.

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