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2019 Campaign –

Vision and Mission

To bring cleaner air to west Kent and a safer community for people to live in. Working with Government, KCC, Local Authorities and Councils to improve our quality of life via the re-instatement of the missing Sevenoaks slip roads in the vicinity of J5 M25. Follow and sign up support to the 2018 community campaign via our website and help west Kent grow without gridlock with cleaner air. was setup in 2009 to raise the seriousness of the daily horrendous traffic onslaught on our community from passing through traffic. The group has continuously grown in strength, gathering support from virtually all the West Kent Parish Councils, Town Councils, District / Borough Councils, KCC, KALC, West Kent Chamber of Commerce and the Tonbridge & Malling MP. However, Sevenoaks MP Michael Fallon has sadly refused to support our campaign and the previous campaigns by others angered over these missing slips.

We are lobbying our UK Government in Westminster to contract Highways England into carrying out a detailed traffic survey of West Kent and the re-instatement of the missing Sevenoaks slip roads, to enable full connectivity of the M26 and A21 at J5 M25.


When the M26 was built in the late 80’s it was assumed by all parties that M26 traffic would be able to exit at Sevenoaks to pick up the A21 and Vice Versa. That was 30 years ago.


All the villages along the A25, A227, A26 and A228 suffer from traffic due to lack of connectivity at M25 J5 Sevenoaks. In particular freight is passing through our villages because there are no slip road connections for these juggernauts to go from the M26 onto the A21. They are forced to short cut through our villages, past our schools, shops and post offices. Air pollution from diesel is a health issue. Lorries are inches from pavements where children walk.


We need everyone to support the campaign – so please support the campaign! Highways England estimate the cost of the slips @£77m but we believe this can be drastically reduced to £35m via local procurement and management – peanuts for such a significant scheme that would reduce the safety risk, improve the cancerous air pollution – health risk and mitigate so much environmental damage to so many villages in our wider community. are an INDEPENDENT, all – cross party community group striving to improve the air quality, health, safety & environment of its people – it’s your group.

For information email Tim at Don’t delay – join us today. Please sign the J5 Petition at
Facebook: J5 slips Campaign
Twitter: @j5slips