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Community Speed Watch Scheme Co-ordinator

National speed limit sign at entrance to Oldbury Lane

As village residents will know, the Parish Council have commissioned a traffic consultant to advise on village-wide traffic issues, namely road speeds throughout the village. The aim is to make the entire village a 30 mph, with specific areas such as Oldbury Lane around Ightham School, a 20 mph zone. Efforts are also being made to address specific areas of concern such as speeding traffic on Borough Green Road, The Street, Fen Pond Road and Bates Hill. Enforcement of speed zones is also vital and this can be helped by gathering data on vehicle speeds.

An effective way of achieving this is by establishing a Community Speed Watch Scheme (CSW) whose volunteers will monitor, on a frequent basis, speed throughout the village. Once sufficient data has been gathered, this can be passed to Kent Police with a request for police speed surveillance units to visit Ightham and formally undertake a speed enforcement exercise.

If anyone would be interested in being Ightham’s CSW co-ordinator (all necessary training will be given), please contact the Parish Clerk on

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