Ightham History Project

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The Ightham History Project aims to bring together in one history of our village, the disparate writings that already exist in book, booklet, article and document form, augmented by further research. These writings have tended to concentrate on the Mote, St. Peter’s Church, the Manor and landed gentry. Missing is information about what affected the lives of the village population in general over the centuries, particularly the trends and changes in the way, and by whom, the village was run. There is very little written about the 20th century or the last few years.

Jean Stirk and David Williams recognised this and are co-authoring a book to encompass the history of Ightham from pre-historic times to the present day. Supported by a small team of local people, they are researching and analysing national and local documents not previously considered, as well as reviewing and updating what has already been written. They have received an enormous amount of information from current and ex-residents of Ightham, including artefacts, photographs and memories. Many have shared their recollections and many local organisations have been generous in giving access to their archives.

If you have information, recollections or pictures of Ightham you would like to share with us please let us know. Do not assume we must know about a particular incident or situation; we would rather hear about it several times than not at all.

We aim to publish the book towards the end of 2013. Any surplus proceeds from this project will be for the benefit of the village.

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Jean Stirk

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Tel: 01732 884316

David Williams

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Tel: 01732 764068