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Parish Councillor Vacancy 2019

Ightham Parish Council currently have a vacancy for a Councillor. If you are interested in being co-opted, please contact the Parish Clerk on 01732 886402.

National speed limit sign at entrance to Oldbury Lane

Community Speed Watch Scheme Co-ordinator

As village residents will know, the Parish Council have commissioned a traffic consultant to advise on village-wide traffic issues, namely road speeds throughout the village. The aim is to make the entire village a 30 mph, with specific areas such as Oldbury Lane around Ightham School, a 20 mph zone.

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No Parish Council meeting in August

There will be no meeting of the Parish Council in August 2019.  The next Parish Council meeting will be on 17th September 2019 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Household Emergency Plan front cover with three images of snow, floods and traffic

Household Emergency Plan

Emergencies can affect the county with little or no notice. Being prepared can help reduce the effects on your life and your loved ones; reduce the need for support from others and enable you to support the vulnerable in your community.

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